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Skin Repair Essential Oil

Skin Repair Essential Oil

Skin Repair Essential Oil

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Effect: The removal of acne, dilute scars, repair cells, anti acne anti scar, skin whitening

Main ingredients: Essential oil, lavender essential oil, grape, lemon essential oil, fennel oil, rosemary oil, rose oil, Yilan oil. 


  1. Take a small amount of scar removal oil.
  2. The essential point 2-3 drops in the palm, easy to use.
  3. The essential oil of uniform part point affected, gently massage.
  4. Massage until absorption.
  5. Use small fingertip skin, help oil absorption. 

NOTE: Use it every day, use after bathing or after warming your face for 3-5 minutes with a warm towel. This will improve the skin's absorption of nutrients from the mask.

Recommendation: A bottle for a little scar. Two bottles for hyperplasia scar. Three bottles for traumatic scar, burn scar, and others (a course).

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